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Aree Condo

Project Type: Residential, Interior

Size: 75 sqm

Complete: 2021

This is a renovation project of an old condominium in Aree, Bangkok. Designed for young family consists of father mother and a baby daughter.


We are interested in the notion of ‘Spatial Tranquility’, our intention as a concept of this renovation is to bring the sense of Tranquility into the interior of this built environment.


Natural material such as timber is selected as main material for floors and living room’s walls. Stone with texture is used in several counters and walls to emphasize the nature in the room. Natural material creates the sense of tranquility, it is like a cocoon of living in contrast with fast pacing urban life style and concrete jungle outside.


The spatial planning of this Condo and the built-in furniture are organized to maximize the storage space, in order to keep everything tidy for a medium size Condo. The interior doors are designed as sliding wall when it opens up all spaces are connected as one. All electronics are specifically chosen to blend in with all furniture and wall.


This place is constructed around ‘sensation and memory’ it is a place to provoke memories and emotional, it is a place to pause and relax, a place to calm mentally and physically, which we called this ‘Home’.

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